About Me

I am a devotee of Hekate since many years, she came into my life  when I began to get a deeper interest in magic, witchcraft and ancient religions as a teenager. And since then the Goddess was there to guide me on all the paths and crossroads in my life. I am a practising witch, influenced by HedgeWitchcraft, Traditional Witchcraft, Folk Magic and I am inspired by the religion and magical practices of ancient Greece and Rome, too. I try to get inspirations for my modern spirituality and magic from the religion and practices from the past.

I am myself more on the crossroads where different spiritual and magical paths meet each other- than on one single path itself.

When it is about religious labels i think Polytheist- is the most fitting label for me. But i am quite animistic in my worldview, too. I am drawn towards the Gods and Goddesses of ancient Greece and Rome (but have a connection to the Goddess Bast too) and i am connected to the nymphs, spirits and daimons around me, and have a strong connection to the landscape (and its genii locii) in my area.

I work as nurse and live with my cats, dogs, toads and snakes in a village in Germany. Since some years I organise here open rites for the Goddess Hekate in my home and on a local crossroad- where I care for a crossroads-shrine.

I am a Torchbearer in the Covenant of Hekate and care for the Sanctuary of Hekate Pasikrateia. As Torchbearer I want to help people to connect with Hekate and to experience the mysteries of this ancient Goddess in the modern world.

When it is about witchcraft and magical practices two hearts are beating in my chest. I love the simple, nature-  and underworld connected practices that are weaved into the witche-archetype. With the brooms, pointy hats, cauldrons, familiar spirits, herbal knowledge, toads and black cats. And the practices that are connected to the umbrella term Traditional Witchcraft. On the other side i am drawn to the religious and magical practices of the ancient greco-roman world. And try to bring these into a modern living and breathing way to practice these. The Goddess Hekate is the light that shines within these two beating hearts.


4 comments on “About Me

  1. Hi, I came across this Blog whilst trying to identify the artist responsible for the first image in your Blog post “The Cauldron and the Hearth”, from January 2013. I’m keen to use this image with a poem I’ve written, but didn’t want to do so without permission. Are you the illustrator? If not, do you know who might hold the copyright to this wonderful picture? Thanks. Rob

  2. Hello, I have been feeling a calling from Hecate and so I have been researching her to learn more and really appreciate the work you have done to help me learn how to honor her.

  3. Hi,I just came across your blog tonight.I wanted to know more about the relevance of the serpent and Hekate.I am just months/weeks in,but am learning all the time.Jen x

  4. Please email if you can guide me to an order that trains priests for hekate at mdane1023@gmail.com. I am trying so hard to figure this out. But so far no luck. Silver ranch doesn’t work anymore at least the emails invalid on Thier site

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