5 comments on “Dark Moon- time to create Witches Salt

  1. Hi, I am from Eastern Europe, and i practice some traditional craft, in the land where before years was celebrated Hecate. You ritual is very interesting, from me because in my traditional practice this thinks that you do are dangerous, dark and they used only in black magic purpose. Even more lite ritual my teacher say that are very dark, she is practice witch, who now the rituals, magic and talismans from other old witch, that was teaches her. It is possible to chat with mails and to ask you some questions about that ?

    • Feel free to ask me any questions, i don’t check my mails very often, so a reply can maybe take a while. I personal don’t see magic as black or white- magic is as colourful as the life itself, there are times when you have to use “destructive” forms of magic and times for “creative” forms of magic, without destruction there is no creation, without death no life, without darkness no light, everything has its balance. For me personal magic is the creative energy that flows through the universe, creative and destructive, the power of change that brings all cycles, birth, death and rebirth, and i as witch am using this creative energy of change (and the help of spiritual allies) in my workings.

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