3 comments on “Harvesting resins in the forest

  1. I know you live in Germany and i live in Pennsylvania USA which are about the same latitude. I have seen my evergreens weep resin. Is that when you collect it in the spring? I assume also it just dried naturally in the sunlight or do you dry it quicker?

    • I collect the resins through the whole year when it is needed. I use the resin that is already dry on the trees and just cut it with my knife. But i am careful to not cut to deep so that the “wound” of the tree will not begin to build new resin again. So i will not harm the tree.

  2. I need to send you a picture of twig formation I found on my sidewalk. I went in side to get the possum and raccoon food and when came out found this right in my walk path that I just took. My house and property are filled with spirits and such. I have a demon that is a . Watcher and guide since I was little. This was on friday I believe the 7th. The 7th day of samhain. The formation was like in your picks with the three branches

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