10 comments on “Understanding Hekate- Simple Devotional Rites- Introduction:

  1. Thank you for all your sharing, it is invaluable. May I ask you if you have any more information about the ephesian letters? We had some questions in our group as to their origin, power, and meanings. (some of our group are more wary than others about chanting words of power when they don’t have the complete picture of what they are!!)

    • The ephesian letters or ephesia grammata are voces magicae (words of power) from antiquity. i have an article on my german homepage about the goddess Hekate and will translate it into english…

  2. Nice article. you know i was shopping for a Hekate then realized duh my friend and student now grown up into a third makes marvelous clay statues and such so could commission one from her. I also have an old piece of driftwood from the flood which is the roots of a tree and have her already outside as the “Old Lady” and could use her and could even turn her upside down and the roots could be her arms. I also have a 250 + year old oak tree that fell out back years ago and in the base are large holes that go into the underworld. I bury dead critters in the mulch there then retrieve the bones a year later. That would be a perfect place for a Hekate altar for sure.

  3. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, it’s very much appreciated. I do have one question for you..what do you by “traditional witchcraft”?

    • Traditional Witchcraft is an umbrella term. It is used today for witchcraft that is “non-wiccan” and has its roots more in the traditional image of the witch. The witch as a person that walks between the worlds, as sorcerer/ess, spirit worker, often connected to more chtonic Gods, herbal knowledge, folk magic. Traditional Witchcraft is quite connected to the land and the underworld.

  4. Sorry to have a go… But…

    As a heterosexual 40 year old male I object to the idea that the Goddess has to be imagined as a ‘beautiful YOUNG woman’, what, you mean a 20 year old? Half my age? YAWN.

    Not all men think that looking like a kid is a prerequisite to female attractiveness. It’s a lot more subjective that mainstream wisdom would have you believe. To me, mature woman seem more worldly-wise, more dominant, more beautiful. More sexy.

    If asked to visualise a ‘beautiful woman’ I will imagine somebody around my own age. The notion of sell-by dates being attached to female attractiveness is a misogynistic limiting/controlling strategy and has nothing at all to do with any kind of Goddess Worship.

    To me, Hecate is certainly not an undergraduate.

    • The visualisation of Hekate as a beautiful young girl/women has nothing to do with sexual stereotypes but with her traditional appearance from antiquity (in statues and depictions she was always portayed as young and beautiful, in ancient sources she is described as maiden). The visualisation that i give on this rites has its roots in ancient symbilism.
      and that by the way- i am a 33 year old homosexual man- so from a sexual level of attracttion do you think i should visualise Hekate as 40 year old dark haired guy, because i am attracted to men on a sexual level?
      There are several Goddesses that were portrayed as you describe your ideal view- but thats not Hekate as described in ancient texts or portrayed in

      • Ah, ok. This is all fair enough. I think I was on high alert for for the sort of thing that’s bugged me in the past… but thanks for your reply.

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