19 comments on “Understanding Hekate- Part 4: Offerings and Sacrifices:

  1. May Hekate’s torches brighten your path through life. Both dark and bright blessings, the yin and yang.

  2. Hello, I am now initiating in witchcraft. I also am vegan. I feel like making an offering to Hecate. The issue is being vegan I would never be able to use meat or diaries in my practice. I wish and hope I will never be requested to do. I could use eggs. Help me with some advises? Thank you

    • Hallo, i think there are several ways to give Hekate offerings without meat. I know several people who are vegans and would not offer honey or eggs. But if you are creative you could use sacred herbs, incense, herbal teas, fruits etc. as offerings. You have to pay attention if you get the feeling that she accepts your offerings- that is the important thing from my perspective. For example she really loves pomegranates as offering, you could cut them into halves and press the juice out of the cut fruits as example for an vegan “bloody offering”.

    • offer what you can accordingly. who would not have all you can give. perhaps an offerring of rare herbs special to her in a salad. if you have a woodsman around you can trade/buy good clean spirited meat:)

  3. You mentioned that offering nourished the Gods. I also read recently in the Epic of Gilgamesh, when all was wiped out after the flood, Utanpishtim (Noah) gave offerings and the Gods raveniously flocked to the savory sweet aroma like flies, as if they were famished.

    So, my question, did/do the Gods get nourishment elsewhere too? Or is it only from offerings/sacrifices? From what I’ve read, it almost seems as if they don’t have any other way of getting food/drink/etc. What are your thoughts? Thanks!

  4. ive found even after blessing, more naturally acquired offerrings felt way more appropriate. i love this article.

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