7 comments on “The Witches Hat

  1. I read somewhere that Jewish people were obliged to wear similar hats, and/or other marks of “infamy”, like a yellow wheel or star to make them easy to recognize. And links were established between jewish religion and witchery, mixing clothing, words, rites, etc: shabbat/sabbat, corned/pointy hat, dark clothes, accusation of poisoning water / cooking babies / use of human fat for candles etc.

  2. Actually the witches hat is in relation with pyramids. Research shows things put into the base of a pyramid, especially in an active energy field, the items grow bigger/stronger. This is due to the pyramids ability to channel energy in the way it is structured. A witches hat is a pyramid shape, so when covers the crown chakra, ithe chakra gets a major energy.boost. It basically intensifies your intuition.

    • Correct ! Because Wicca witchcraft,etc. has strong roots in Egypt and in India as today the so called “Gypsies” are from there who also were nomadic/stationary in Europe too. The Romani people of Romania are gypsies. They were and are herbalist and a spiritual people. It’s ancient science from one of many schools of metaphysics. Glad you cleared that up!

  3. I’ve just started making felt witch hats out of icelandic sheep wool. They feel pretty magical, thank you for this blog post I found it very interesting! If you ever need a custom hat let me know!

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