3 comments on “The Stang

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  2. In our coven we have the besom, which has a phallic end cut into it. But in a friend’s coven they have the stang, and I liked it, so have a couple of those too, the stang to me representing the shape of the Yoni for the Goddess. So now I have balance. In the witch burning times the end of the besom or stand was covered with broom, so it just looked like a broom, and in that form can be used to pre-cleanse out the temple before ritual. I read once in old Italy outside a prostitute’s house if she had the broom standing with the bristles up, which looks like a yoni, it meant she was “open for business”, but if she had the broom part down and handle up it meant she was “closed for business”. Just some more folklore……

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