About This Blog


On this blog i will write about witchcraft, the Goddess Hekate and my spiritual life in general.

If you read my articles, please keep in mind that english is not my mother language- so sometimes my english will maybe not very well.

This blog will be a melting place of simple witchcraft practices that have their roots in the archetype of the witch. And on the other hand nourished by my interest in magical practices from antiquity connected to Hekate, and by my interest in the religion of ancient Greece and Rome in general, too.

When i will write here about witchcraft- it will not be about the popular wiccan interpretation of the word. My opinions about witchcraft are influenced by hedge witchcraft, traditional witchcraft, the witch archetype (with all its hidden treasures), by folk magic and the depiction of witches in the myths of ancent Greece (and later Rome)- like Medea and Kirke.

I wish you much joy and inspiration on my blog. And if you like it, please link it or share it with other witches, polytheists and pagans.

All texts on this blog are copyright by Florian Schlie



5 comments on “About This Blog

  1. I’m looking forward to reading about your workings with Hekate and Hedge Witchery. I love the image of the witches around the he cauldron.

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